Major Highway Systems of Los Angeles

There are multiple routes going through the city of Los Angeles, and due to its status as a major city, it has a lot of routes going through it, primarily Interstate freeways, but there are also State Routes as well as US Routes. Without further ado, let’s start talking. First off, the Interstate freeways.

The first one we will be talking about is Interstate 10, which, by far, is quite important for the city, bringing tourist traffic in the east and all. It also passes through much of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, not to mention the Downtown and Chinatown areas of the city. The freeway ends at around Santa Monica if you come from the east, and starts at the same city if you come from the west. It intersects and forms interchanges with Interstates, 110, 5, and 405, as well as US Route 101. It comes close to the Los Angeles International Airport, so it’s a good route to take in order to access the city of Los Angeles if you come from the airport.

As mentioned earlier, Interstate 405 is another route you can take, and is the best if coming from the airport due to its close proximity to it. Though it is a north-south highway, we shall talk about it here as if it was a south-north one, as that way is the one you most likely will be using. Coming from Inglewood, it enters the city proper in the south, it then crosses the hilly suburb of Bel Air and into the suburban zone in the northwest. The road intersects with I-10 as stated earlier, as well as US Route 101. It then merges with its originator Interstate 5, which it is a bypass auxiliary route of.

Speaking of Interstate 5, it is also an important route to the city of Los Angeles, passing through much of its metropolitan area. The route goes through much of the eastern and northern sides, and it has a bypass route as stated earlier, which is I-405. It temporarily exits the city borders when it goes to Glendale, then to Burbank. It then re-enters the city at Sun Valley, intersecting with another Interstate, Interstate 210, then it exits the city, going towards Santa Clarita.

There’s also Interstate 110, which goes from the south of Los Angeles from San Pedro, then into northern Los Angeles. It goes through the suburbs of San Pedro, Wilmington, Carson, Gardena, Willowbrook, and South Los Angeles. It also goes through the center of Los Angeles, especially through Downtown and Chinatown.

Another road you can take is the highway US Route 101. We’ll talk about it in a south to the north manner, anyway, let us begin. The route comes from Interstate 5, going into a northwesterly direction, from its passing through of Universal City, it abruptly veers into a westward direction, going through the neighborhoods of Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Woodland Hills. It then exits the borders of the city near Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, en route to the neighboring town of Thousand Oaks.

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